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Recap for Thursday the 16th of October

OCCXD great move towards $6+ was extremely thin as expected and a great short through the latter half of the day, over a $2 dollar short from the highs, extremely easy borrow all day.

CPY slow and steady squeeze throughout the day keep an  eye for the move higher tomorrow may be a short once it squeezes, hit $8+ as expected and up 22% currently

TIN didn’t move up at all, surely was bearish as I thought was hoping to get a bounce to short on but instead went straight down

ALLI carry over any momentum – took it off radar

FTBK closing in on $11, I hope to see a squeeze towards $12-14 potentially $15 to short it back down

Recap for Monday the 13th of October (BIOD) (XL) (FIG) Return Huge Percentages

NX nearly tested $8 today as expected keep on watch for continuation tomorrow followed by weakness, if it gaps to much it may fall out of open

TRGY consolidated just under $6 this may head towards $6.50 if it squeezes over $6, then watch for weakness

NCT closed even with Friday after surviving a brief dip, normally bullish watch for continuation

FORD great short from scan out of open surely got another spike as expected before selling off nearly 75 cents

CVGI tried to reverse today on the gap, volume definitely picking up don’t take it off radar

SKF where else could you nail a $75/dollar short in just 2 days?

From Scan HERE

BIOD we played a bit ago on the bounce for .50-1.00 but has been sinking ever since, this ones just on watch I’ll chase the reversal vs. guess the bottom

BIOD 50% move off bottom looks like it will test $3+

XL quite the haircut the past few days, more than 50% down in the past few days, there is enough volume on this stock to gain my interest keep an eye on the reversal back over $5

XL up nearly 40% today alone what a great bounce back over $5

FIG another 50% dropper in the past 2 days, keep an eye for a drop under $3 and reversal

FIG a near double off lows testing $6 should gap over it tomorrow

Recap for Friday the 26th of September

Recap for Hot Stock Scan for Friday the 26th of September found HERE.

CPSS opened down and spike into the very end of the day Friday, not worth touching until it touches $3

HYDG be sure to reserve shares out of open tomorrow this has been up over 500% in the past 4 days. If it doesn’t break .55 it should weaken.

WRSP watch for consolidation around $2 level

DTG $2.10 level might have been the bottom, interested in the long with a stop near $2

GBRC great drop easy borrow from $2.25 to $1.69 before recovering towards $2.00

RIMM great move from $69.90s to $72 into the close which we were looking for

Recap For Tuesday the 23rd of September

You can view the Hot Stock Scan for Tuesday the 23rd of September HERE

BAA 12% drop didn’t test $4

IDMI down 6% watch for the break of $3, good cover $2.80-2.85

VGZ consolidated a bit, not much volume today, figured $2.50, hit $2.56

GOLD sat right back down to support/resistance of $45 – down $1.50 good short out of open and then found support as expected, they may slide some more as Buffet has aided to the life support package for the market

MFN still around $9 keep on watch for a test of $9.50-$10 or weakness back to $8

SSRI nice 5% short from yesterday’s scan may have some more in it down to $21-22

ZIPI.PK another leg in it today probably a few more days before the selling kicks it to the curb

SKF nice gainer from $100 range headed towards $103

AAPL great trading ranges today hope fore more volatility tomorrow

Recap for Monday the 15th of September

Recap for Hot Stock Scan for Monday the 15th of September found HERE.

COIN as expected opened a bit lower and then squeezed green, watch for more action tomorrow its becoming less and less of an attractive short for an immediate profit – the consolidation and gradual nature of the moves take away from possibly seeing a quick tank, at any rate tested high 8’s and began to sell off, watch for more of this through $8 tomorrow

AXL as expected its a hard day to go long in anything, will bring back on scan when its ready to test $8

XJT needs more consolidation will continue to monitor

PAL great short out of open today

BWTR as expected gap and squeeze followed by weakness

BBND big sell off but recovered throughout the day watch for test back over $4 and volume to die off

ALDM provided a nice 40% return off the buy at .3601

HPC turned into a huge bounce after filling the gap back to mid July

Recap for Friday the 12th of September

From Hot Stock Scan for Friday the 12th of September found HERE

BBND test $4 had a little trouble, watch for some momentum to carry over next week and then start thinking about the short, more comments next week

OSIR – more consolidation

KIRK – held $2.50 consolidation around this area I won’t short it just watching for a break of previous highs

COIN exactly as we antcipated squeeze towards $9 you can thank all of the prior 4-5 false 1 day spikes followed by more selling off for trapping the shorts this time around, great move

PENC from an original watch at $1.15 added to my position today

BIOD we had been monitoring this to turn around up nearly 12% today

CHCI from our bounce watch around .32-.34 hit .68 today representing a 2 day double!

Recap for Wednesday the 10th of September

ISSC great short right out of the gate when it lost $7 support closing down 13%

PCYC another great short right out of open closing down 18%

IDMI reversal as anticipated closed up 12%

DTG great shorting opportunity today, at one point down over $2.00s/share!! Down over 30% climbing back and closing down 15% for the day.

ZYXI held $5 for now, should head towards $4s if it loses $4.90s

BIOD nice trade from the $5 range held support, might continue towards $5.50 tomorrow not sure how much more it has in it

COIN provided a lot of great trades today, this is a complete squeeze hoping to see a spike tomorrow offering more shorting opportunities intraday

Our value trade GE posted last night with a limit order buy at $27.75 did just that bottomed at $27.75 before hitting $28.43 after the dip.

We added a few stocks to the under the radar scan as well today.

Recap for Tuesday the 9th of September

Recap from Hot Stock Scan for Monday the 8th of September found HERE.

DTG gave two great shorts today I only caught the first big dip.. it slowly snuck up the rest of the day but tanked near close, watch for any upside tomorrow as a potential short out of the gate

CCRT didn’t hold $5.25, not interested

CXR nearly hit $12 but again had trouble with the $11.50 barrier

RAMR over $3 and fell 16% throughout the gate

UAUA short at $11.80 closed at $10.60 today with a low of $10.22 airline stocks sold off all around

BIOD from yesterday’s buy at $5.48-$5.50 was near $6.45 premarket, came back to $6.05 area for a second move towards $6.37. Didn’t find any shares available for the short after that but still proved to be a nice near $1/share profit from Monday

WM kept falling with the fear in the market today, short at $3.50 nearly lost $3 before finding some ground around $3.10

Recap for Monday the 8th of September

DSL didn’t end up having a second day in it, weakness kicked in right out of the open, closed near the low of the day

STSI another sell off today followed by a gradual recovery into the second half of the trading day.

COIN tested previous highs but was unable to break the $7 mark, low volume, a good trade from open but other than that it was too slow and gradual for an intra-day trade

KEY closed up 6% hit a high of $14.33 bounced off hte $13 support and headed back up towards $14

AROW another 52 week breakout over the $26 level before selling off a bit

TGIC great short from $4.24 this morning, hit as low as $2.41 and closed down about 17% on the day

UAUA great short over $11.70 tested $10.70s from there representing a possible $1/share short, many other trading opportunities along the way for .20-.40

BIOD turned out to be a great reversal from $2.48-$2.50 range towards $2.80 for a quick .30/share

GE a value play added today held gains through the day as the market was selling off into the lull

FNM and FRE confused everyone today and turned out to be a waste of time watching them as it was distracting to other potential plays setting up. Towards the end of the day I short at .9699 covering at .9505 – from there it went straight to .76. It was a very tough play today and much better just tracking other stocks with charts setting up rather than trying to catch the bottom and short the top of both.

Recap for Friday the 5th of September

GGC closed right at $4.50 up 5%, slight dip and squeeze into close

RAMR did exactly as anticipated testing $3 and giving back nearly all gains from both Thursday and Friday

TGIC presented many trading opportunities throughout the day both long and short. Tested mid $3s without any issues and squeezed through $4

GBE had no continuation at all but instead proved to be a great short. It’s unfortunate I covered my GBE at $4.41 from as high as $4.88 as that would have been a great score

CHFI slowly churning along appearing to be very controlled trapping shorts along the way

PENC a nice grab at $1.15 headed back even on the day (or a dime gain).

ABK still a great day trade for the .10-.30 flips all day – support still there could squeeze again next week if it holds mid 8’s

Scan for Monday to come tomorrow (Sunday)

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