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With all of the different trading services out there, it can be difficult to determine which ones are actually helpful. All services make huge promises, but not all of them deliver. Investors Underground strives to be the best day trading community out there. The service provides everything necessary for traders to learn about the markets and start actively trading. For new traders, there are education trading courses. For both new and experienced traders, there are stock scans and chat rooms.

All of these tools are designed to improve the day trading experience and minimize the steep learning curve. We wanted to compile a bunch of real Investors Underground reviews in one spot to make it easier for traders to understand how members benefit from the service. These reviews are taken directly from other sites. We will try to update this list as frequently as possible.

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One of the best ways to understand what goes on at Investors Underground is to check out some of the free content that is available. You can read as many reviews as you’d like, and they are certainly helpful, but in the end, seeing is believing. Here are some video lessons, DVD previews, trader interviews, and more!

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  I’ve paid for this service many times over with the alerts. My recent biggest gain trade LIEG, which was mentioned in chat, made me a profit of $67,687. It was a 700% return. This one trade has paid for 57 years of the subscription price. It doesn’t get much better than that. I’ve also made many thousands of dollars in other trades from chat. It’s the best I’ve seen. With the combined years of Investors Live (Nate), Muddy, and Laura you can expect outstanding knowledge and experience. I’m still amazed how much time they each put in to this. They want you to learn. They answer every PM, give seminars every other Sunday, and are always there to help during chat. They are even there after hours. They keep things simple and to the point. The chat gives you many eyes. When a symbol is mentioned in chat you can quickly pull up a chart and decide if you want to enter a trade. This service is priceless and you can’t afford not to be in it. 

– Jay Z.

  As far as percentage of wins to losses and percentage overall gains go, this service is untouchable. I honestly can’t think of another service that could pay for 5 years subscription in one trade. 1000 shares of LEIG overnight which was pointed out real time by InvestorsLive in the chat room turned into a profit of over $5,000 today when the stock had a forward split. This room single handedly saved me from having to quit this profession and go back to a 9-5 job. I’ve tried countless other rooms, seminars, webinars, and services, but none compare to the quality and effort of Investors Underground. All I can say is subscriber for life.  

– Paul D.

  I’ve been in the chatroom since the beginning, from about a year ago. If you’re just starting your trading or have traded less then 5 years or without much success then this chat and people in it will definitely help. Pros: You get informative webinars every 2 weeks where you can ask any questions you might have, or just ask after hours. The moderator takes care of any problems you might have with your account extremely fast. There is a lot of people who have a lot of experience playing momentum and low priced stocks. Cons: Very little talk about spy direction or larger stocks that have good setups where profit can be made. Sometimes people get too excited about a stock up a lot and that’s the only thing you see in the chat. Sometimes there’s too much lods! nhods! instead of looks like it’s topping out or pointing out specific support resistance points, before the move takes place. Overall, I have had a good experience with and would recommend their chat room. 

– Greg M.

  It is impossible for me to give an unbiased opinion of Investors Underground. The truth is that I have made more money in my first couple months in the chat than i ever have before. More importantly, (and i mean this) i am learning the skills and techniques needed in order to be a successful trader. If you want someone to tell you exactly when to buy and exactly when to sell this might not be the site for you. Then again if that’s your strategy, you probably won’t be trading for long anyway! While the “moderators” of IU frequently say when then buy/sell…it’s up to each individual to act on those statements. In addition, since the level of experience in the room is high, you will often times get great alerts from other members as well! Besides the no BS chat room, IU has other nice features such as seminars that go over strategies and trading ideas which is extremely helpful no matter what your knowledge level. Community not chat room. Kind, helpful, smart people. (i can go on!) A++++ 

– Oskar

  I have been a paying member of for a lil over a year. I belong to quite a few chats and IU is 2nd to none!! The action in this chat is unreal. There is never a dull moment. IU is mostly responsible for me turning 2.5k into 25k in the last 9 months. One good trade from the chat could pay for 1yr of IU!! The moderators go above and beyond for everyone in every way. The mods are more interested in teaching you how to fish rather than just feeding you. They have seminars regularly that are very educational. Member participation is unbelievable. I am becoming a trader not a sheep. Anyone can be a sheep but turning into a successful trader is a different story. I highly recommend this chatroom to all, whether you want to continue to be a sheep, you are a veteran trader or you just read the definition of a trader!! Remember the more eyes the better!!!!! 

– Timothy M.

  InvestorsUnderground provides an invaluable service that is not seen on any scale in the Trader/Investor scene. Personally, I started with a mere 5K and almost doubled that amount within the first 3 months of joining this service. The moderators which is Nate/InvestorsLive Muddy and Laura run a very clean operation which includes keeping trash talk out and sticking to alerts during trading hours, this is very important for the people who take their trading seriously. Additionally, they teach you their style of trading, examples includes certain profitable setups to look for, locking in profits, and risk management. If you are new to the services, you can look for past seminars located on the dashboard on the main screen. Lastly, if you are under the 25k minimum to day trade, there is a way around that and no longer an excuse, but I will let them explain. This is a service to learn and is not a place to be spoon fed information and going blindly into a trade. 

– Greggory

  This is the first place I have found that chats about momentum plays. Chat room can get noisy , but the moderators seem to know what they are doing and talking about. Can’t say I have made money with one of their alerts yet, been with the service roughly 2 months. Pros: Seminars every Sunday where they go over technical analysis and literally everything they look for in a play. They provide formulas they use to scan for stocks in play and create their watch lists. They are willing to answer any questions you have Cons: Sometimes cluttered with many alerts and noisy chatting, and am not a fan of the website layout, kind of confusing to navigate through anything other than the live chat. 

– Robert G.

  Awesome site and very well managed chat room. They keep out the trash during the day and stick to just alerts. The review below mentioning LLBO is just silly because it’s a sub penny, they don’t even trade them in the main room. To have a good look see this last article here: They do give entries AND their seminars are EXTREMELY helpful and encourage you to put forth effort on your own, it’s made me become less dependent on being told what to do. Now I use the chat room for a one stop shop for good alerts.  

– Richy

  It’s a great environment to learn to trade and to find great real time alerts. With skilled traders around 24/7 to share ideas and learn. Bi weekly seminars as well as chat logs to learn the strategies the chat room uses. No pumping or yahoo message board type hype keep trolls and low life’s away. Easily the best chat room/trading website I’ve ever been a part of. 

– Bryan

  (Sep 02-23:39) theripper23: you have some great alerts by the way and the service on here is second to non 

– theripper23

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