Killer Morning in Chat! Started Off Huge – Scan for 29th (Still Made a Dumb Trade on PCLN Though)

Killer Morning in Chat! Started Off Huge – Scan for 29th (Still Made a Dumb Trade on PCLN Though)

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I’m burnt out like a mofo … still waiting for that crazypenny pick … ugh need a break

Today was a great day in the room … VIVUS, Inc. (VVUS) was a huge money maker $24.50 avg short pre market …

I pissed away profits today on dumb AAPL trades and that PCLN trade I mentioned on scan last night? Why, who knows…  that’s what happens when I’m burnt I do stupid stuff….


UNITED AMERN PETE CP (UAPC.OB) thinking this could end up being a big play … been slowing rollin’ higher and higher since my find on scan mid .70s …. but who knows doublingstocks/hackthestock market play is coming (They did JAMN) maybe this is theres …. BMAS a main player in it … was a main player in JAMN … who knows just thinking out loud …

Alimera Sciences, Inc. (ALIM) nice action today made some money from pre market short call in chat … watch for some gap follow through and short tomorrow – let it set up .. lower high and crack ….. or gap up and parabolic to start in

CANNABIS SCIENCE INC (CBIS.OB) just insane probable gapper tomorrow … won’t trade unless a huge washout

Central European Distribution C (CEDC) this short on pops is continuing to work … lots of sell side pressure … possible .50 cent washout coming

Sina Corporation (SINA) nice gap up today … incredible … made some money on the add and then gave it right back on the sell before I left … ended up losing a few hundred – as I said this was just like SHLD and a big trap most of the day probably gap towards $71-72 will be good for scalps – not using much size in this market

Renren Inc. American Depositary (RENN) possible move $5.50 break and hold – nice action today if it holds trend tomorrow might get back on a roll towards $6

Youku Inc. American Depositary (YOKU) w/ RENN same sector … ripping .. possible $26 + test and then we focus on late day fade

SodaStream International Ltd. (SODA) up big after hours .. over/under $50 action tomorrow

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