What Guangzhou Global Tel (GZGT.OB) + Genova Biotherap Inc (GVBP.OB) Have in Common

What Guangzhou Global Tel (GZGT.OB) + Genova Biotherap Inc (GVBP.OB) Have in Common

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This became very interesting to me last night when I noticed that both Growthstockguru and GVBP both occupied the SAME EXACT ADDRESS !!!!! Check it out for yourself

http://i37.tinypic.com/2h4vl1z.jpgGZGT was a HUGEEEEEEEEEEE promotion back in the day, actually first of its “kind” Yes, mailers are old news they would send them stocks would run but this time they also send post cards, AND put 1 page advertisements in EVERY business magazine you could think of. Beside’s Tim ripping on this Travel agency becoming the next cancer cure… let’s go back one more step… Before the travel agency was a HUGE mailer house sending out millions of spam mailers…

Just another one of those things that make me go Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph

Why Proteonomix, Inc. (PROT.PK) Makes Me go Hmmmmph!

How Would You Spend $2,398,485.50 – Here’s How GenX Corporation (Pinksheets: GNXO) Did

Guangzhou Global Telecom has made a big splash in its brief life as a U.S.-traded stock. Shares of the small Chinese retailer started trading here on May 15 with an opening share price of $1.75. In little more than two weeks, Guangzhou soared 51% to close at $2.65 on May 31. Is it the latest hot company from China? Or is its rapid rise just due to hot air? While you decide, we suggest you hold on to your wallet.

Full-page advertisements that appeared in BusinessWeek, Forbes and Fortune make Guangzhou Global Telecom (symbol GZGT, quoted on the OTC Bulletin Board) sound like a major player in the world’s most populous country. They say that Guangzhou has partnered with China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, and that its “major carrier partnerships account for nearly $50 billion in revenues.” Readers are encouraged to buy Guangzhou’s stock because it will “fuel your portfolio for explosive growth.”

Expect to see a lot more Guangzhou Global Telecom ads. Its advertising firm says similar ads are scheduled to run in upcoming issues of The Economist, Institutional Investor, Money and SmartMoney magazines, as well as other issues of BusinessWeek, Forbes and Fortune. We rejected the ad in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance and on Kiplinger.com because the claims made in the ad could not be substantiated and because our inquiries raised more questions than they answered. In fact, the more we looked at this new stock, the more our eyes burned.

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