Stocks on Watch for the 21st of Feb – Nice Long Weekend!

Stocks on Watch for the 21st of Feb – Nice Long Weekend!

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Awesome week last week – Two OTC gapper potentials and then the plan for next week!

ATRINSIC, INC. (ATRN.PK) thinking gapper tomorrow possible .35+ test and back to highs of recent months… perfect call Friday in chat before I left mentioned I was interested off dips into close if the trend held – check the chart when i got back on the 1 min …. beauty … holding over the weekend from the suggestion …

ABOT MINING CO (ABOT.PK) nice should have some gap back over .03 tomorrow and morning action this has a lot of history from pennypic and crew and had big news on Friday …  looking to take profits into any big move

Central European Distribution C (CEDC) keep on watch b/c momentum is slowing this could turn into a nice short back down … $1+ drop

Sears Holdings Corporation (SHLD) short biased on big pops or late day fades

CDC CORP CL-A (CDCAQ.PK) keep watching dips on thsi – steady mover 52 week highs great call from last week for anyone who took it … possible move towards $4+

EXCO Resources, Inc. Exco Resou (XCO) possible long on weak open and red/green – steady consolidation

Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ACHN) gap on Friday leaves me to believe that we may have more upside and squeeze here … I don’t think anyone on Thursday was expecting a Friday gap and hold all day … and thus probably some shorts underwater which could fuel more of a squeeze higher. My game plan, if 8-9AM shorts are whacking this down pre I will look to buy any deep pull

Royale Energy, Inc. (ROYL) nice vol continues to break out (others MXC, FPP, PDO etc all move together)

Sky-mobi Limited (MOBI) nice trend forming – breakout at $5 watch all dips possible r/g buys each time for move towards $6+

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