Must Read: Thank You! And Happy Thanksgiving!

Must Read: Thank You! And Happy Thanksgiving!

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Haven’t posted on InvestorsLive for a while … I’ve been posting my scans each night HERE … BUT I’m working on a new make over for the site … and then will be posting more often, doing videos and some trade recaps!

So I figured what better reason to write a post .. than Thanksgiving and thank a few people!



First and foremost I am thankful for my wife (she started following me on twitter .. so I have to cover all my bases on Thank You’s … ) just kiddin’ … it’s been an incredible year and extremely thankful for her!

And …. my parents (My Dad reads the blog nightly … so …… yes Dad … Thanks! you can text me later and say you saw it)

Alright .. NOW .. for the chat room!

Muddy and Laura … back in 2008 I approached them with the idea to build a community around our niche since we were stepping on each other’s toes … I had my own chat … they had their own … why not build a product that could benefit all …. and that’s what we did launching the premium chat in late 2008.

Since 2008 as of this past Wednesday we are at membership highs … sure we have a small turn over … some folks who just don’t understand how to trade, those who don’t understand the biggest mistake of trading is not taking losses and take themselves out of the game, those who are lazy and don’t want to put the work in and just want free hand outs  … or….  those who have developed out on their own and don’t see an added benefit having our chat room …

BUT I can tell you one thing … we are in an industry where 90% of traders fail … and to continually reach membership highs month after month we’re doing something right ….

AND … you know what?

It’s not me alone ….

We have a great team

Not only the moderators but the community we have built …. THE USERS take the time each and every day to answer PMs and help new members which is what it’s all about …. users that have been in the chat for a while, understand how we trade … start calling their own shots over the years …. after a good trade they may get PMs “What did you see etc” … they could easily ignore … what do they care … they don’t own the site they’re just a trader in it …..

NOPE ……………. 10 minutes later I get a PM … “Nate … I just wanted to let you know … so and so really helped me out”

That’s what I am thankful for … the first rule of the chat room is no ego’s … we kick ‘em out … what we have left is guys/gals that are here for one reason … work as a team for one common goal .. PROFIT.


AWESOME … @offshorehunter I’m ecstatic to have brought her on as a moderator … she had put in countless hours helping members and I’d always think to myself .. wow .. this chick has got it …. she gets it … she’s good …

But … you’d never see her beat her chest  saying look at me .. so she was sorta “under the radar” …  I’m talking about a girl who likes fly fishing … jumping on her 4 wheeler going to find lunch in the woods …. and ya ..  somehow trade full time with us too … shes a shorter by heart … but a great swing trader … and don’t let her catch you by surprise .. she made my profits this week look like pocket change

So with that … THANK YOU Michele (and sidenote: she has a webinar Sunday 6PM EST)

Secondly  … @TradeHawk and @markflowchatter …  prob the best dual on twitter for accurate actionable alerts and GOOD information, whether you take the trades or not … when a stock is moving and you want to know .. you’ve got the answer … OR … when companies sneak those HUGE news articles into the 8Ks and other filings and have yet to issue a Press Release well .. they can’t sneak it past these two … It’s an honor to have these two live in the chat room …. not to mention yet again … down to earth guys who just like seeing people do well.

THANK YOU BOTH, you’re a big help, awesome asset and truly appreciate what you guys do!

Two other mods: @katsu127 and @michiganwar these two guys … learned just like everyone else in the chat … and GET it and are willing to help other members. They know what stocks to put in the chat (ie: gearing/perking … pops from former runners … late day break downs … etc) and once again .. that’s what chat is all about ACTIONABLE ALERTS that I (Nate) prepare you for in webinars … learning how to anticipate and execute the trades without having to hold your hand through a buy and sell process. These guys actively tweet, and post watch list for YOUR benefit.

For the OTC guys although he’s been learning more Nasdaq’s lately … Dave (michiganwar) has some GREAT videos of bounce plays from stocks like SNPK and many other stocks falling off a cliff to learn from.


The entire team at @profitly … besides the chat room probably the second best decision I’ve made giving me access to nearly 100s of new traders that have the DESIRE to learn and want to excel in this business. Without @timothysykes on my case literally every day about doing videos I honestly don’t think I would have ever done it ….. it’s true .. and won’t deny it …

Not only has it had a positive impact on members trading, the feedback I get from the trade recaps is second to none and a great form of motivation: “Thanks for the trade recaps. Very helpful. I’m hooked on your trading style and enjoying profits I never experienced!” This is what it’s all about …  success in my book isn’t about the number of subscribers … but rather the LENGTH of their subscription

Cannot forget Mike Mosseri @mikemosseri who has been an incredible help while adding my chat room onto … anytime I have an issue, have a member looking to upgrade from IU to video lessons … and everything in between .. he’s the most responsive dude around hands down. Great to have him on the team.


Have to hand it to bbstock who has been on fire with calls (he’s one of the best sub penny players I know) …. and beachbum in the OTC/Subber room … I don’t always log in … in fact haven’t for quite some time but have been bouncing in and out of that room recently and who extremely appreciative of the tight ship he’s running giving the ability for even ONLY OTC traders .. to find great alerts and stocks on the move.


ALL MEMBERS … all those who add to the chat room on a daily basis … It’s awesome to have you guys in the room alerting stocks of interest .. I may have three 30 inch screens .. but I can’t watch them all — nothing is better than having subscribers in the room posting it at just the right time with a text book set up about to happen and being able to make the trade call live … which I would have otherwise missed!

elkwood great friend on the PM sharing trade ideas THANKS for pushing me to do the pre borrows via Wedbush .. it’s brought some great profits my way and owe that one to you .. was too lazy to do it before… , ECNC1 fantastic trader and having an incredible year … cam great kid … great heart — we both shared a loss on RARS and since then he has come back as an incredible trader many times I find myself typing only to see him type it 1 second before me .. Thanks to Max who created “AutoPost” making my life easier with chat logs and auto Muddy Waters and Citron detection … dough .. great trader sharing trades helping others …  seek123 .. prob the fastest reaction to news in the world … free.flow became a great asset this year yadayada for always doing the earnings reports MilesJStoner for helping out, answering questions and alerts …  I am appreciative of ajtrader and biaggo‘s alerts even though they forget their losers and we only get the exits on the good ones .. comon I had to .. BUT look their eyes and alerts outweigh the fact that they never have taken a loss ;) Veritas met him in Vegas .. good guy .. PostHaste because he always likes to compete long or short … and always thinks I am giving him shit Derffie probably the most chill trader you’ll meet  .. he’s in and out within an hour each day… perfect retirement life barcelona even though we butt heads because he always likes to be opposite .. still puts timely alerts …  All members since day one … Ironman amongst others from Nov 2008 … I know I will forget many .. I hope I don’t offend … but just going off the top of my head about the relationships I’ve made each and every day  in chat …

As you can see we have a great team … I am extremely sarcastic once you get to know me as you can tell above … but truth is …

I am truly thankful for the entire TEAM we have at Investors Underground … what an incredible community we’ve built

To all the guys on twitter .. kunal00, MB, Super_Trades, all great people I’ve met …. this is where most my members come from …. love the feedback each and every day … hope you guys are making money and can’t wait to see you in the room! Thank you for answering those echo’s out there ….. you never really know who is out there lol …

Thanks to transparency and those who got banned on StockTwits or lost their stars for being real …. those who share both the good and bad trades like … @Legacy_Trades …. always helping others on twitter … calling out those who need to be called out … and seriously .. who do you know that “runs a family office” for those who don’t know .. it’s just a snazzy way of saying yep I’m managing a boat load of cash lol and … it’s all MINE …. and even thankful for the ones with an identity crisis like Welsh who have awkwardly come and gone on the social scene lol … always good for a laugh when he flips out on twitter trolls

Thanks to all the firms who write hit pieces …. and give us short opportunities … @CitronResearch, @Infitialis_ @muddywatersre



Remember that we an EXTRA 30% off annual subscriptions with GOBBLE30 – you can subscribe HERE


Thanks to all the haters … I love them …

Although I don’t have many .. they still pop up every now and again until I block them … but man do they make it fun .. the time they take … the aliases they create .. it’s rather flattering the precious time they spend … but as they all know no one cares ………….. ;) You’re wasting your time!

So I do THANK YOU … for the laughs you provide and time that you take out of your day trying to be a hero!

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