Crazy Day Again! Add Another $11K Profits to the Tally .. Unreal! Scan for 13th!

Crazy Day Again! Add Another $11K Profits to the Tally .. Unreal! Scan for 13th!

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Man oh man guys! Chat room been on fuckin’ fire (excuse my french)

As I told chat before I left today … I know I sound like a broken record but .. guys .. REACH OUT if you’re not making profits … let me know … I don’t want to hear stories “well I bought XYZ for earnings and I’ve been holding for 12 days and blah blah” … I want to know … if you’re taking my trade calls and not making money …. than … lets talk .. what’s going on – where you going wrong etc….

Today was $11k + profits alerted right in the chat room!

Sunpeaks Ventures, Inc. (SNPK.OB) = lol … shorts are trapped … as long as they support this sucker oooo boy .. but I took 145% gains today

MIPS Technologies Inc. (MIPS) huge spike related to Goldman something or other … watch the over/under $7 push then short biased …. nice rip today… won’t long this tho unless it pulls back and consolidates for a while

Titan Machinery, Inc. (TITN) watch push out of open … any parabolic then watch pull back for profit taking … very well could test towards $36

Alliance Resource Partners LP (ARLP) 3 day bounce off lows, squeeze off the bottom … $60 over/under or peak … if it fails s/s …. if it parabolics s/s … will be watching tomorrow

Renren Inc. (RENN) from scan last night absolutely PERFECT call … tomorrow watch weakness and if it gets a roll on we’re blasting thru $7

SmartHeat Inc. (HEAT) just like yesterday … great if anyone took it .. this is the stuff we prep for EVERY DAY! EVERY SEMINAR! low vol pops for s/s … fade back on no vol …. nice late day crack short biased all tomorrow

E-Commerce China Dangdang Inc. (DANG) as suspected more consolidation … with RENN running this may have more juice but I doubt this gets much higher … any big pops will be seen as a short

YRC Worldwide Inc. (YRCW) possible short but … I won’t be short biased only … if this has a weak open and wanted to recross $6 I’ll take it for a long – way beat .. good volume could have a nice rally

Youku Inc. (YOKU) last night I said $24 … guess what lol .. closed at $24 … ba da bing :) congrats guys this is MY market I love it love it love it …. watch tomorrow morning strength and AM push should get a rip on .. then short biased … if it’s just slow and steady push instead of a parabolic …. possible long for $25+

Guanwei Recycling Corp. (GPRC) still hanging up … barely .. on threads but … hopefully its locking up shorts and can get a move on higher … still short biased any big moves – nailed it this AM but gave it back mid day on the short on weakness

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