Live Stock Trading Chatroom

Turn Trading into a Positive Experience!

  • Are you struggling to make profits on a consistent basis?
  • Tired of seeing your gains disappear?
  • Having trouble deciding which of the tens of thousands of stocks is the right one for any given day?
  • How many times have you gone into a trade, only to have it go against you … the plan is to sell on the next pop and yet here you are, reading this today, still holding it?
  • Are you a part-time trader without time to watch the market every minute, but can benefit from five full time moderators continually scanning the market for movers?
  • Are you currently subscribed to a service, yet wish it provided more than email instruction, press buy or short, and less time spent with fingers crossed, hoping for a gain?
  • What if you could improve your trading strategy into a more successful one — would you be interested?

There’s a good chance you answered “yes” to at least one if not all of the questions above. You are not alone! Most new and veteran traders lose money trading and without the proper strategy and discipline trading for profits is tough! If you answered yes, you WILL benefit from our live trading room and bi-monthly seminars and if you disagree anytime, cancel.  Sure we could go the normal finance route and offer a two or seven day free trial hoping you forget you’re a member by the time the balloon payment charges and fall back on the tiny print but we don’t need to.

Why 14 days trial? Simple. Sitting clueless watching full time traders share their live trades does you no good without understanding what is going on. Instead, we give you the tools and resources to understand it, the time to apply it during trading hours, and the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas with other traders after hours every single day. With that, we are certain of two things: The first, you won’t need someone to convince you by showing; you’ll convince yourself by doing. The second, you’ll realize just how powerful a trader, with 45 years of experience sharing his scans and trades, in real time is.

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